GripGo Cell Phone Holder

The new GripGo Hands Free Phone Mount makes driving a lot of safer when you want to find and answer your phone. It also lets you easily glance at your cell phone without having to take your eyes off the road.

You can install GripGo anywhere on your dashboard and windshield. It has a 360 degree pivoting mount which lets you position GripGo at any angle. So you can easily set it at a position where you can check and reach your phone while still driving safely and keeping your eyes on the road.

Now you won't have to dig or reach around to find or pick up your phone. You also won't have to worry about your cell phone slipping and falling to the floor if you are currently placing your phone on the dashboard or the passenger seat. With GripGo you'll always know where your phone is and it held their securely in place until you need it.

What separates GripGo from other cell phone mounts and holders is that all you have to do is just gently press the back of your phone to the green surface and it will instantly hold your phone in place securely. You can let go and your cell phone will stay in place. You won't have to worry about your phone falling over or falling off like with other car phone mounts.

GripGo works on all types of cell phone no matter who makes it or the size. The secret behind GripGo is the green area is actually a special patented polymer surface. The surface actually contains millions of tiny suction cups. So when your phone is placed against the surface these microscopic suction cups will automatically grab onto your phone and hold it in place.

When you need to remove your phone you just easily peel it right off GripGo with minimal force. Since GripGo doesn't use any adhesives to hold your in place phone, there's no sticky residue behind.


GripGo Commercial


Frequent Asked Questions

How to install GripGo?

First just press the suction cup of the GripGo mount anywhere on your car's dashboard or windshield. Next pull the lever down to secure it in place. Then move the 360 pivoting mount around so it is at a position where you can check and reach your phone without taking your eyes off the road. Now GripGo is ready for use.

Does GripGo use adhesives to hold the cell phone and does it leave any residue? behind?

GripGo does not use any adhesives so there's no residue left behind. It uses a special polymer surface which works like millions of tiny suction cups in order to hold your phone in place.

How much does GripGo cost?

The GripGo with the hands-free mount and dashboard mount sells for $14.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. Currently though there's a buy 1 get 1 free offer available. You will receive a second GripGo for free as part of the offer. You just have to pay an additional $7.95 for the second free GripGo.